Detaljer om foredraget (på engelsk):


We take alook at Azure QnA Maker with LUIS which are part of Azure Cognitive Services. Wewill build a Q&A Bot and learn how to train our model over time. At the endwe will discuss how we would add speech to our bot and how we would make itpart of our organization.

Microsoft will then give an overview of common Azure Cognitive APIs like QnAmaker, LUIS, Azure Search, Computer Vision as well as Bot Framework. Asu fromMicrosoft will also show demos that infuses these APIs to inspire thedevelopers to make smarter and more user friendly apps.

This presentation will be in collaboration with Vipps, Microsoft, Azure User Groupand NNUG User Group (English).

Sven is a Cloud Engineer at Vipps AS focusing on Azure.
Evgeny is Cloud Engineer at Ensōworking as a consultant at Vipps AS.
Asu is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft Norway focusing onData&AI stack.


The originatorof this meetup was `Azure Cognitive Services User Group Norway