This time Infrastructure as Code User Group Oslo had live talks with two themes.

Stepping up the game with ARM templates

In this session we will look into some advanced features of ARM JSON language and how you can combine it with additional tools to improve your processes. We will also experiment with several new capabilities like TemplateSpecs, deployment scopes, and bicep files (new ARM DSL). No slides just demos.

David Pazdera Raised and trained as an IT Engineer, transitioned to a solution architect role (focusing on Azure infrastructure, automation, and identity), now extending my skills with a Cloud Engineer "learning path". Passionate about DevOps, "security built-in, not bolted on" and "everything as code" principles.

You can find my professional bio at and my AboutMe page at

Introduction to Farmer

Infrastructure as code is a complex topic because there is no one single solution that works best for everyone. At Vipps, we use a variety of different techniques to implement Infrastructure as Code on Azure. Even though there are many great tools one can pick from - Terraform, Pulumi, SDKs, still, many teams tend to generate plain ARM templates with home-grown libraries using Python, C# and F#.

This session is an introduction to Farmer ( - a tool to safely author and deploy ARM templates quickly and easily. This talk is rated level 100-200 with a target audience of developers and architects working with Azure.

Evgeny Borzenin is a Microsoft MVP, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Azure Community and Content Hero, technical architect and developer with more than 20 years of experience, strong communication skills and love for automation.

The talks are available on YouTube,