Første workshop i en serie på flere som Evgeny kjører, ble forrige dagen holdt online fra våre lokaler.

Workshop #1: How to live in harmony with ARM templates

Neste workshop har tittel: Workshop #2: Implementing Azure infrastructure with ARM templates. Mulig om 1-2 måneder, følg med for dato når det blir offisielt.

Detaljer fra første runde:

There are quite a few tools on the market that help you implement Azure infrastructure as code. Most likely you heard about Terraform and Pulumi at the conferences and read a bunch of blog posts about how awesome and easy to use they are. But what if for whatever reason you can't use these tools and the only option available is ARM templates? It’s not a secret that ARM templates are really powerful, but not easy to work with. This is especially the case if you have complex infrastructure with multiple environments that may have some differences.

At this workshop I will share with you my experience and tips & tricks on how I use ARM templates to implement complex infrastructure. You will learn how to use template functions to simplify multi-environment configuration, how to structure your ARM templates so it’s easy to work with them and why you shouldn't use Azure resource group deployment task at Azure DevOps.

This workshop is rated level 200-300 with a target audience of developers and architects working with Azure infrastructure.

Workshop goals The goal for this workshop is to provide hands-on experience on how to work with ARM templates.

Some practical information

  • Please update your RSVP. I need to know how many of you are actually planning to join the workshop.
  • The link to the Microsoft Teams meeting will be sent Wednesday morning.
  • This is a hands-on workshop! That means that most of the time you will be working with labs individually.
  • I have set aside 4 hours, but it's too much for an on-line event. I will see how it goes, but most likely I will use max 3 hours at Wednesday the 22.04 and will host an extra workshop #1 part 2 shortly.
  • I will time-box each lab. If you are not finished with the lab in time, don't worry. You can work with labs later or even do them from scratch again. I will commit my version of completed labs right after the event, so you can check and compare them with your version.
  • This is level 200 workshop. That means that I expect that you already have some basic knowledge about Azure, resource groups, deployments and ARM templates. If you have never worked with Azure, you are still welcome :)

Prerequisite Please spend some time before the workshop to make sure that you have installed / registered / configured all prerequisites.

You can find more detailed information here https://github.com/evgenyb/iac-meetup/tree/master/workshops/01-how-to-live-in-harmony-with-ARM-templates, but in short, you need to:

  • Laptop
  • Install Microsoft Teams
  • Install VS code
  • Install Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Tools plug-in for VS Code
  • Create Azure account
  • Install az cli
  • Test your azure account with az cli