Welcome to the second workshop in the series of hands-on Infrastructure as Code workshops!

During our last session, you learned what ARM templates are and how to work with them. This time, you will use this knowledge and experience to implement immutable infrastructure with automated blue/green provisioning and deployment pipelines.

This workshop is rated level 200-300 with a target audience of developers and architects working with Azure infrastructure.

Workshop goals:

  • design and implement immutable infrastructure on Azure using ARM templates;
  • create and configure a set of CI/CD pipelines for infrastructure provisioning and deployment.

Some practical information:

  • Please keep your RSVP updated. I need to know how many of you are actually planning to join the workshop.
  • This is an on-line event and we will use Microsoft Teams as a platform
  • The link to the Microsoft Teams meeting will be sent to participants one day before the event.
  • This is a hands-on workshop. That means that most of the time you will be working with labs individually.
  • Each lab will be time-boxed. If you are not finished with the lab in time, don't worry. You can finish all labs later.
  • I will publish my version of completed labs, so you can check and compare them with your version.
  • If you didn't attend the first workshop, I recommend you to complete all labs from this workshop

Here is the plan for the next workshops (names and dates are subject to change):

  • August 2020 - Workshop #3: Terraform 101
  • September 2020 - Workshop #4: Implementing Immutable Infrastructure on Azure with Terraform
  • October 2020 - Workshop #5: Pulumi 101
  • November 2020 - Workshop #6: Implementing Immutable Infrastructure on Azure with Pulumi