Yesterday Evgeny held the fourth Infrastructure as Code workshop.

This time the focus was to implement immutable infrastructure on Azure with Pulumi.

8 labs, super awesome participants, 4 hours of pure hands-on fun.

As always, labs are available here and you are very much welcome to try them.


  • lab-01 - setting up the Projects and Stacks structure
  • lab-02 - add AppInsight into the base Project
  • lab-03 - implement simple Azure Function
  • lab-04 - add Azure Function infrastructure into the workload Project
  • Azure Front Door intro
  • lab-05 - add Azure Front Door infrastructure into the base Project
  • lab-06 - implement master deployment script
  • CI/CD with Azure DevOps
  • lab-07 - create Azure DevOps release pipeline

#devops #infrastructureascode #pulumi #immutableinfrastructure #azure